When you hear the word "survival" - remind yourself a wood, a small tent, a brook flowing in the valley or a rest in the surrounding of nature, but think also about problems with raining, about difficult art of lighting a fire without matches, about climbing a summit uphill a steep and clay slope, about fording a brook, about wild bears coming up to camp site at night, or about a swarm of furious hornets...

Outdoor Survival is also an art of managing in difficult situations: when you are opposite a fire, a car accident, a person who was given an electric shock, agressor in the street...

Outdoor Survival... means wisdom. Good, but difficult wisdom.

Outdoor Survival means...
Outdoor Survival means sport
Outdoor Survival means responsibility
Outdoor Survival means experience
Outdoor Survival means play
Outdoor Survival means adventure
Outdoor Survival means nature
Outdoor Survival means ecology