If somebody thinks that nature isn.t important - I'll give some examples:
I suposse that nobody likes flying-away tents, that's why you should pitch your tent in the windless direction.
Someone can say "how I am to know from which direction the wind blows?"

In Poland for example we've got very often west winds - that's why we can say it's not the best direction for entrance to our tent. It's said that in our conditions the best is the east. At the sea the wind blows to the coast, in the valley the wind blows from the inlet.

Isn't it the nature?
If somebody likes to have the warmed tent, should expose side wall of the tent to the west, before the sunset. The east wall will warrant you the heating in the morning (unless the morning will be cloudy).

Isn't it a good example, that nature is important for us?
OK - tread the grass, kill the animals, poison the water, produce more rubbish... go to the desert only in T-shirt, and stay there for the night or dont use sunglasses in the winter, when fresh snow is lying everywhere and sun is shining - than the nature will remind you who dominates and rules the world.

So, you should think also about preservation of nature...