A feature behind th ear and a drunker in saloon
(from the book "Survival po polsku" by Krzysztof J. Kwiatkowski)

We were in three - Kajtek, Mr. Anybody and I. Kajtek was a beginning tourist, so after a departure the platform in Laskowice-Town and a few kilometers towards Tlen-Village it appeared that I had to take out of his rucksack this and that and put it into my rucksack, because Kajtek couldn't cope with it.

Mr. Anybody was almost "professional traper" and he appeared to be very useful in the wood. It's a pity that then he appeared to be a fraud and a miser because he would have been "a guide of survival".

In the morning we set off. This day was extremly hot, so when we reached a spot called Osie, the view of an open inn (it was Sunday) caused a real joy. At once I went to stand in a long line of local guys who wanted to delight in beer. Behind me was standing Mr. Anybody, Kajtek was looking after the rucksack in that moment.

- Are you joking about me!?- I heard behind my back, when I turned round I saw a skinny Drunker who was standing vis'a'vis Mr. Anybody in a warlike posture. The Drunker was furious.

I looked at Mr. Anybody - he not only wasn't joking, he also hadn,t an idea what's going on.

- Are you joking about me ? Remove it ! - screamed the Drunker - looking at his way of moving the hand I saw that Mr. Anybody had behind his ear a big feature of prey bird - thinking of the dots.
I wasn't touched by this fact, but the Drunker wasn't thinking in the same way as I.

His face started to getting scarlet and it was getting more scarlet when Mr. Anybody was using very polite phrases to explain that the feature behind the ear in according with the Convention of Human Laws, is an admissible thing...

In that moment the furious Drunker run up to the feature.
But unexpected help came then. Somebody's hand took the feature from the Drunker's hand and started to put behind the ear of Mr. Anybody.

- Leave this boy alone! - said Tipsy

- What will he me...! - screamed Drunker.

At that moment the feature was again n Drunker's hands.

- So, what is he doing you?

- This feature...!? - Drunker was waving it in the front of Tipsy's nose.

- Why a feature disturb you?!

- What business is that of yours? Disturb!

The Drunker didn't finish to talk while the feature appeared behind the ear of Mr. Anybody.

The Tipsy was a kind of a stubborn person and was determined to do an act of kindness. The Drunker was a kind of a stubborn person and was determined not to allow sacrilege. It turned out, that not to allow sacrilege was more important than doing an act of kindness, so after a while, when the feature was slightly crumpled, Tipsy waved his hand on this situation and went away.

Mr Anybody was left with Drunker tete - a tete. People, who were standing next to them weren't counted.

- Are you heeeeearing!!? - Drunker was yelling to Mr. Anybody.

I had enough of it. I used not to interfere such kind of conflicts as long as the borders of safety or decency weren't crossed.
I turned back, and having inclined my head, I whispered Drunker one sentence to his ear. Than I turned back towards oncoming of buffet.

It falled a long silence.

When we were sitting in the shadow and drinking beer (some of us Pepsi), Mr. Anybody tried to find out what I could say Drunker, that his reaction was so perfect. I didn't tell him. Never. For the first time I can tell you...

- Aren't you wasting this beautiful Sunday? - I whispered.

It's an ancient saying of coala bear ;). I know, I'm a convincing person...