The way of experiencing an unusual adventure is a play called "role playing" in the open or during wandering. This type of feature game is on the top on west. This play owe its success not only a story from "fantasy" but also the way of playing these roles. The leading of the survival camp in connection with "role playng game" is very natural and can be profitable for everyone !

What's the famous RPG ? It's a small gorup of people (from 3 to 12) who like to improvise, have an imagination and a little bit bent of acting. They have an occasion to experience an unusual adventure by personification the legendary or mythical person. The Master of Game is sb. who knows the rules and can lead others through their imagination. He creates situations in which other participants must quality their roles. Describing the reactions and emotions is not the only one purpose of this game.

Among avowed lovers of RPG prevails the opinion that acting demands a lot of accessories (f.e.: bones, which help to make a choice of fate). Accessories ?! In my opinion the only one instrument that can be used is a piece of paper on which you can write down parameters of the game. Than our own brain can serve us as a choice, a large-scale illustration and a manual...

The Mother-Nature also helps us making wonderful sunsets, the mist spreading over the whole landscape, the sudden flash of lightning, a dropping star, or a mysterious scent from the other world...

Everybody will solve this problem in their own way, but it's worth to connect RPG with the survival camp - they fit to each other.
So, imagine yourself that you're not wandering with your rucksack but it's your looting expedition on a fortified castle. In addition, even though you're wondering together - in reality you're making two competetive groups and there are also a few undecided persons with you.

Acting together you'll dominate the defenders of this castle. When you will win, you will have to share a lotof treasures, but it'd be better if the number of winners was smaller... It's the ruffianly law, sn't it ?

But what will do with undecided?