One day the schools of survival became popular (most of all between young people and adults). The first school of this kind in Europe was established in Italy by Jacek Palkiewicz. These schools were meant for people who were seeking a tough meeting with nature, that's why the outdoor survival became a sport.

This tough contact meant not only nearness of nature (sometimes very wild), but also the brutal contact with not so kind surprises made by nature. A participant of this superschooling had also a tough contact with financial matters, unless he had a well - off daddy. Because you should have a lot of money if you want to make a really good survival trip.

I mean - gathering an equipment, organizing a transport and- Very-Important-Things. Can you imagine these motor-boats, helicopters, special tents, these rucksacks, ropes, these porters, guides, interpreters...?
I propose not to panic.

Also I mention something about the equipment, but I do it only for decenay's sake (I wouldn't like to omit something), or to show off that I know something. And thats all.

Don't worry.
This real outdoor survival should use things with emblem "self made". The rucksack, tent, traper's clothes and other accessories should be self-made - that's all speak about the "survivaler". I don't recommend self-made boots - because you can have problems with walking, if you hadn't made the experiments with them earlier.

But remember - outdoor survival is the like next incarnation of scouting.

But outdoor survival lacks ideological sound or social accents. The most important should be - in my opinion - the idea of junction eith nature, cooperation with its and other people or seeking own humanity.