An example of the game

Let's try to make a new vision of holidays in the Outdoor Survival way.

I drow lots by turns at random in every table with the types of games:

  1. type of game: high-speed game
  2. time of duration: 1 hour
  3. kind of the ending: when everybody drops out, but the last competitor
  4. participants: a small group (up to 8 persons)
  5. place: forest, mountainous ground
  6. equipment: without equipment

There is no equipment. What can enter my head?
For a small group of people, an hour is that determinant, which decide about the choice of action. When the ground is hilly, and mountainous, and it is high-speed game, I can imitate running up the hill (a slope, an edge of ravine, a knoll). The uprunning is repeated with the use of the method, that every time the last participant drops out. When the real conditions decide about the choice, you can feel, as if you drew lots.
And that's the point!

I am on the lake with the group of 4 people and we have no equipment. We draw lots of the variant game, the high-speed game. WHich can last about 1 hour. The ending is up to who first will finish. When we've got only 4 persons, they can competite single, in pairs or in interchangeable pairs, so everybody with somebody else in the pair (everybody plays three times), which means that everybody collects the points individually or we can judge the winning pair.

The game can consist in outtaking the stones from the bottom of the lake. On the given sign, everybody runs into the water, dives, catches a stone and runs ashore with it, lies it in the given place and comes back for another stone. There were 1 stones for everybody, so, when somebody will catch these stones, can say "stop!" and has 10 points. Then we should count the stones of other participants.

Now, it's the other variant: the throwing of these stones to the log of tree which is lying on the water. Everybody throws this number of stones, which he has cought. Everybody has as many points as he hits the log. The next variant: everybody dives and catches so many stones as it is possible. This competition is counted on time, for example - 2 minutes.

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