Test I

  1. Do you know more than a one way of stanching the flow of blood ?
  2. Can you point correctly directions of the world looking at an ant-hill ?
  3. Can you recognise during the summer if the weather will be good ?
  4. Do you know what sort of position is the best for a person feeling faint ?
  5. Do you know what sort of wood is the best on fuel ?
  6. Do you know how to rest after a long march best ?
  7. If you were very hungry and didn't eat for a couple of days, being in the wood, what would you choose to eat:
    1. sweet flag
    2. bark of birch
    3. leaves of lime ?
  8. Do you know what kind of weather herald the west winds during summer in Poland ?
  9. Do you know how not to keep the meet ?
  10. Do you know how dangerous agaric can be ?
  11. Do you know what kind of herbs effect antibacterial on wound ?
  12. Do you know what you should do after a long effort, when you have muscle - aching (leavens) ?
  13. Do you know what kind of fire you shouldn't extinguish water ?
  14. Do you know what to do with the scald ?
  15. Do you know your worst enemies during accidents, catastrophes or sudden events ?
  16. Can you give sth. to drink a person who is unconscious ?
  17. Do you know how to disinfect the water in the wood ?
  18. Do you know where you should breathe during the fire ?
  19. Is there any possibility to make "outdoor survival - sport" without an "ecology" attitude ?
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